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'That's the end of them' Monty Don inundated with support as he posts ‘devastating’ update

The horticulturist told fans that he’d been working with the former for 23 years.

Monty wrote alongside the picture of the duo: “The superb Gerry Dawson with assistant/runner Noah filming today in the garden.

“I have worked with Gerry for the past 23 years and it has been an unremitting privilege and pleasure,” he continued.

“Stop tweeting like you’re about to call it a day, Monty!” One person commented.

“Sounds as if you’re leaving Monty!!!” another fan added.

“@TheMontyDon please tell us you’re not leaving GW. This tweet makes it feel a distinct possibility. asking the question others are afraid to ask…” A third message read.

“No, no plans to leave. Stuck with me a while longer I am afraid,” Monty replied, reassuring the viewer.


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