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That’s No Moon Is A New Video Games Studio By Industry Veterans – Lowyat.NET

We’ve seen an increasing number of video game industry veterans start their own studio. These include Mike Morheime’s Dreamhaven, and Jade Raymond’s very similarly named Haven Studios. Now, there’s a new one to add to the list, and its called That’s No Moon.

The name being a Star Wars reference, the studio itself is founded by people with experience from Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, EA and Bungie. To start, there’s the co-founder and chief creative officer, Taylor Kurosaki and game director Jacob Minkoff. Both were from Infinity Ward, and Naughty Dog prior to that.

Another co-founder, Michael Mumbauer, who is also the company CEO, previously spent 13 years as head of PlayStation’s Visual Arts Group. Two other co-founders are chief strategy officer Tina Kowalewsk, who worked on games like Journey and Twisted Metal with Sony Santa Monica, and chief operating officer Nick Kononelos who worked on the Need for Speed franchise under Electronic Arts.

That’s No Moon is currently working on a singleplayer, stroy-driven, third-person action adventure title. But considering the studio has only been in operation for six months, it will be awhile before we learn more about the game in question.

(Source: That’s No Moon, VGC)


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