Tell us about the lockdown outfit you can’t wait to see the back of – and the one you can’t wait to wear

Lockdown has been an interesting time for how people get dressed. Many of us, freed from the shackles of being seen in public, have reverted to wearing the same thing on repeat. Be it a uniform of navy polo shirts, head-to-toe tie-dye, a Victoriana housedress or a now-threadbare pair of tracksuit bottoms, there is likely one outfit that you have returned to again and again. And, despite appreciating its merits, you have no plans to wear it ever again post-lockdown.

On the flip side, you might have big plans for what will take its place; escapist dressing to celebrate the newfound freedoms of a life less locked-down. Have you already laid out a frou frou frock for that first trip to a beer garden, a feather boa for a long-awaited BBQ, or perhaps you’re planning to wear a suit and tie for the first time in a year?

We’d love to see the outfits you have loved in lockdown but hope never to wear again, as well as the ones you have planned for freer times.

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