Teenager fights back against bullies to win hairdressing award and become a model

This bullied teen refused to be beaten (Picture: Wales News Service)

They say the best revenge is success.

And teenager Marcio Paxio has plenty of success ahead of him after becoming a model and winning an award from the Welsh government.

The 18-year-old suffered at the hands of bullies after moving to Britain from his native Portugal as a child.

But stylish Marcio refused to be beaten – and studied hard at school to take up an apprenticeship as a barber.

After working hard to learn the ropes, Marcio picked up haircutting skills that didn’t go unnoticed by his managers.

And hardworking Marcio, of Merthyr Tydfil, has now been named learner of the year by the Welsh Government.

Out of 34 finalists across various categories, Marcio took the prestigious award home, which is a recognition for his development and personal growth in the past.

Portuguese Marcio won a learner of the year award for his hairdressing skills and he also models on the side (Picture: Wales News Service)

Marcio was born in Portugal and at the age of 11, he moved to Merthyr to live with his aunt.

Despite the bullying at school, he managed to excel in his academic career. While doing his hairstyling apprenticeship, Mario is also pursuing a modelling career in his time off.

He explained: ‘It has been a long journey to win this award and I am looking forward to everything yet to come in my career. It’s an achievement but, hopefully, just the start.

‘I have developed confidence and skills that will enable me to progress into the career I’ve always wanted.’

His boss Andreas Lazarou, added: ‘Marcio is the best example that hard work, perseverance and determination pays off.

‘He loves his profession, his customers and is passionate about every cut, trim or shave he does.’

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