Teen vlogger shows how easy it is to fake being a rich socialite

(Picture: Byron Denton)

It’s easy to see Instagram posts of gorgeous people carrying large designer bags or flying in their private jets and think ‘I wish that was me’.

One vlogger decided to show people that it really could be you, with the help of a few Photoshop edits.

Byron Denton, who vlogs on YouTube and Instagram, decided to prank his followers for a week and posted a series of pictures showing him living a lavish lifestyle.

The 19-year-old student wanted to see if his fans would buy into the luxury life that so many socialites seem to have.

After editing in Louis Vuitton bags outside the designer store and showing himself in a private jet, and going on holiday, Byron ended up with 1,000 followers in just three days.

Not only were his followers impressed, but he also attracted a newer crowd who seem to enjoy watching rich people do rich people things.

In seven seconds, he received 500 likes, with more comments than he is used to with some saying: ‘This whole aesthetic is so pleasing’, ‘goals’, and ‘we love a shopping spree which entirely breaks the bank’.

But he revealed it all on his YouTube channel, saying it was all done on his phone while sitting in his student flat and eating a jacket potato.

(Picture: Byron Denton)

In the video he explained: ‘After seeing my recommended box get filled with videos of people faking holidays or going on TV shows I thought it would be fun to put my own twist on it and fake being rich on Instagram for a whole week.’

To really get his followers to believe, Byron went to the Louis Vuitton store, uploaded various Boomerangs and polls to ask his followers if he should get it.

He then used an image of Jaden Smith carrying loads of large bags with the LV monogram and added the bags to his own pic.

And like clockwork, the likes, comments, and followers blew up. Byron revealed he had thousands of new followers on his account.

The private jet pic also attracted a lot of attention and even his mum rang him when she was asked where he was off to.

After wearing real Off White and Balenciaga labels in one of his shots, Byron received the most likes and comments. ‘This experiment is going the way I thought it would, wearing designer in your photos does, in fact, engage people a lot more which is weird,’ he said.

(Picture: Byron Denton)

The fake photo of him on a private charter flight was difficult for him to upload though as he knew his fanbase would catch onto the prank.

‘This is so embarrassing. I’m deleting this picture as soon as this video goes up. They all know I’m not a multimillionaire,’ he said.

One of the comments on that picture said: ‘We stan a rich b*tch’ and it seems people really, really do.

Though Byron had a laugh with the social experiment and revealed that it was all fake, other pseudo socialites have got in trouble for taking it too far.

Anna Sorokin who went by Anna Delvy on social media is now on trial for swindling friends, hotels, and banks out of money to curate a luxury high life.

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