Teddy Told Me To: Horror Comedy from Face Off's Tom Devlin Wraps Production

According to Bloody Disgusting, FX artist Tom Devlin has finished production on his feature directorial debut, Teddy Told Me To. The film revolves around a pair of haunters who set out to resurrect a shuttered Halloween haunt with a bloody past. This being a horror-comedy, you can expect things to go horribly wrong.

“As a lifelong fan of horror films – slasher flicks, in particular – I felt it was time to tell my own story that’s a throwback to the fun slasher flicks of my youth,” says Devlin of Teddy Told Me To, which is intended to be the first of an intended trilogy centering on the character.


The film originated as part of Face Off, SyFy’s special effects makeup reality series. A contestant during season one, Devlin had to design an original slasher movie villain, movie poster, and tagline for the fourth episode, “Bad to the Bone.” Now, years later, we get to see the titular “Teddy” in action.

“I wanted to make a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously but plays well on a spooky October night or a fun summer sleepover. We filled it with gory effects, colorful characters, and the mandatory 3 Bs. It’s a love letter to not only the films that have inspired me – and their punk rock ethos, but also to the haunters of the world, and we hope it’s a hell of a good time!”

Besides being directed by Devlin, he also wrote the screenplay with Vincent Cusimano and Lola Devlin. It was filmed on location at Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum. Tom Devlin and Kayla Bushell produced the film, which was scored by Killer Klowns from Outer Space composer John Massari. Devlin and Walid Atshe did the special makeup effects.

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The Cast of The Film

Topher Hansson and Kamara Cole star as the haunter duo. Michael Shields portrays Teddy. Additional cast members include co-writer Cusimano, Lily Devlin, Matt Osborn, and Peter Stickles, professional wrestlers Papa Shango, Sinn Bodhi, and Beast the Butcher, adult film actors Kiki Daire, Daisy Ducati, and Tabitha Stevens, and YouTube personalities JustinScarred, Jacob the Carpetbagger and The Grim Life Collective. The film also has a few notable genre actors in it.

Teddy Told Me To has not one but two different Jason Voorhees actors. Warrington Gillette played the unmasked Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2, where Jason donned a pillowcase before acquiring his iconic hockey mask. CJ Graham played Jason in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, where he was resurrected with a bolt of lightning.

Besides them, there’s Felissa Rose, who played Angela Baker in Sleepaway Camp, another person you wouldn’t want to go camping with. Lisa Wilcox, who played Alice Johnson, the main character in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. There’s also Trent Haaga, who played Killjoy in each installment of the Full Moon franchise save the first one.

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