Tech company SplitIt offers payment installments on credit cards

Alternative payment solutions are on the rise, giving consumers
more purchasing power by allowing them to buy-now-pay-later. As new
providers of payment solutions pop up, retailers are given more
opportunities to offer their shoppers pay-later schemes. Global
payment technology solution company SplitIt just announced a new
partnership with Stripe to facilitate payments in an easier

SplitIt says that it is the only installment solution with global
reach, as it works differently from competitors such as Klarna or
Afterpay in that it uses a customer’s existing credit to enable
pay-later options. Its technology allows customers to pay with a
credit card and still opt to pay in installments, yet with extra
benefits such as no application time, no late fees, 0 percent interest
and the chance to use their own credit card rewards.

SplitIt’s new partnership with Stripe will help the growing
alternative payment provider extend its reach to new retailers.
Stripe’s technology automates SplitIt’s on-boarding process for
merchants to accept Splitit, therefore making it easier for the
company to sign new merchant deals.

FashionUnited spoke with SplitIt’s vice president of global
marketing, Gil Levy, to learn more about the growth of alternative
payment solutions.

FashionUnited: Which generations or demographics of consumers are
most likely to use a payment solution? What is the average purchase
cost for orders that pay with Splitit?

Gil Levy: SplitIt is geared towards a slightly older demographic,
compared to other payment solutions providers. Our customers are on
average around 35-years-old and over, working individuals, home-owners
and prime credit card users, usually with two or three credit cards.
These are consumers who are on the more established.

We see these consumers making transactions of all different sizes
on SplitIt – we see transactional fees of 200 dollars and we see fees
up to 40 or 50 thousand dollars. This is because people are using
SplitIt across numerous retail categories – jewelry, fashion,
furniture and home goods, sporting goods and even medical equipment.
It’s all over the map for our particular solution, though across all
of our merchants, the average order value is above $800.

We see SplitIt’s service almost like an investment tool – it allows
customers to purchase higher quality items than they would without the
option to pay in installments. They are still purchasing the same
types of items that they were already in the market for, but a higher
quality that might last them longer. In this way, SplitIt serves as a
budgeting and investment tool.

What benefits do retailers experience from payment solutions?

Merchants to see about an 80 percent increase in average order
value, decrease in cart abandonment and a decrease in order returns.
SplitIt offers payment installments, yet with a quick checkout that
can work globally. It has the highest approval is because there’s no
need to do credit checks as we use the customer’s existing line of

Why is Splitit able to offer installment plans on credit cards
when other payment solution providers do not offer this? What is this
advantage? Where does profit to Splitit come from?

SplitIt activates installments from the customer’s existing credit
card. The system acts the same as regular checkout; the only
differentiator is that the customer can choose the number of
installments he or she wishes to pay in. The system then charges the
first payment and puts a hold on the card for the entire remaining
amount. At the end of that month, SplitIt will charges the next
payment and put a new hold on the new remaining balance of the
purchase. There will always be a collateral held, yet this is done
using the customer’s available credit to secure the transaction. The
available credit must already exist in the customer’s account.

This system allows SplitIt to be the only payment solution provider
with no credit footprint. We are a technology company rather than a
financial institution, so we will never show a user’s credit. This
gives us more flexibility than competitors because we don’t have as
many regulatory issues as financial institutions have. It also enables
us to be global, and operate in more countries than others.

Using credit card payments also allows us to have the quickest
checkout, which is a really big advantage. This is because we don’t
ask for any information aside from a credit card. This is really
important because we know the longer the checkout is, the more likely
a cart is is to get abandoned.

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