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Tanya Roberts: Bond Girl 'still alive' after rep claimed actress was dead after collapse

Tanya Roberts is reportedly still alive and remains in hospital following news of her collapse on Christmas Eve. Mike Pingel explained that Tanya’s husband Lance discovered from the hospital she was staying in that she had not died.

It was first reported that former Bond Girl Tanya Moore, whose real name is Victoria Leigh Blum, reportedly died after returning home from a walk with her dog on Christmas Eve, where she suddenly collapsed and was rushed to hospital.

Her rep confirmed to US news outlet TMZ that she was “put on a ventilator” after arriving at hospital, but she “never got better”.

Mike also took to Facebook and shared a post about her alleged death.

He has since explained he thought the actress had died but was in fact mistaken.

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Pingel told the same publication that Tanya, 65, had died, but claims he got a call at 10am on Monday to say that it was a mistake.

Mike reportedly told TMZ: “Lance got a call just after 10 AM Monday from the hospital saying Tanya was still alive.

“Pingel said Lance truly believed Tanya had died.”

Lance had also phoned her friends and family to confirm she’d died, it’s claimed.

Tanya’s rep added: “She loved her fans, and I don’t think she realized how much she meant to them.”

The Bond girl actress is famed for her role as Stacey Sutton alongside Roger Moore in James Bond’s A View To Kill which premiered in 1985.

Speaking about her memorable role as a Bond star, Tanya said: “At the time I didn’t know what I know now, and to be honest, who would turn that role down, really?

“Nobody would. All you have to think to yourself is, ‘Could I have been better in the part?'”


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