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What do you see when you look out of your window? Grey skies, the odd pedestrian, a stray cat?

Chances are, you would prefer a different view.

Though most of us can’t fly to a sun-drenched elsewhere, we can still use technology to pretend we’re in a different place.

Enter the WindowSwap. A husband and wife duo came up with a concept which allows you to see through different windows in the world with just one click.

Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam, who are living in Singapore, were bored in lockdown and all they had of the outside world was the view from their window, which they quickly got bored of.

So the couple came up with WindowSwap, which allows you to see the world from someone else’s eyes for up to ten minutes.

You might catch a sunset in Los Angeles, rain in Mumbai, the traffic of New York, or a skyline from Kuala Lumpur.

Or you might see pets staring at the camera or the calming ambience of leafy trees.

A view from Long Island, New York (Picture: Fernando Mattei/Window Swap)

The site works by people sending their 10-minute videos to Sonali and Vaishnav, who screen each clip before putting it on their website.

Currently, you can scroll through 100 different views. And Sonali and Vaishnav have 500 more they need to upload.

From Villongo, Italy (Picture: Simone Tengattini/Window Swap)

Sonali told ‘For over two months, all we had was the view from our window because of the lockdown.

‘And our friends around the world were in the same situation too. We often wondered how it would be to trade places with our friends, just be able to see something different outside our windows.

Seen in Obersteinabrunn, Austria (Picture: Matthias Fuchs/Window Swap)

‘And that’s what gave us the idea. If we couldn’t trade places with our friends, we could still swap views from our windows! 

‘So we started off with just a few window views from close friends around the world, and then decided to invite everyone else to join, because we loved the experience so much.’

In Honolulu, Hawaii (Picture: Denny Luan/Window Swap)

Sonali mentions that worldwide travel restrictions mean we may not travel for some time or have the means to, and this small bit of escapism may help.

‘Travel is still a distant dream. Until we can (responsibly) explore our beautiful planet again – WindowSwap is here to help you travel without moving.

Seen from a window in Vilnius, Lithuania (Picture: Vytautas Butkas/Window Swap)

‘Experience a slice of life from countries we never dreamed of visiting but now can’t wait to.’

To see some different views, head to the WindowSwap website. If you have a view you want to share with the world, you can email with the video attached.

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