Switching hotels halfway through a holiday could save you thousands of pounds – and now there’s an app to help you do it

YOU could save thousands on your next holiday by simply switching to a different hotel halfway through the trip.

Even better, there is now an app to help you do it.

 Switching hotels halfway through a trip can save big bucks

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Switching hotels halfway through a trip can save big bucks

Staying at two different hotels in one destination can be more cost effective than staying in one hotel.

This is because hotel rooms can vary wildly in prices night by night depending on a variety of factors, such as the time of year, local events, hotel occupancy, special rates and available deals.

For example, you could be staying in one hotel for a week and five of the nights could be really cheap.

But if there is a wedding or a large group booking for the remaining two days, then the prices are bumped up and the total price of your stay will be higher.

If you can be flexible and don’t mind switching hotels mid-stay, going somewhere else for the remaining two days could save you a decent amount of money.

 Two hotels that are similar quality could cost much less

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Two hotels that are similar quality could cost much less

For example, you could stay for one night at the Ritz Carlton hotel in New York, then walk 10 minutes to Loews Regency for nights two or three, and pay £1,619 in total.

Staying at the five-star Ritz Carlton for all three nights would cost £3,100 – 48 per cent more, but both hotels are five-star so travellers won’t be compromising on luxury by switching to Loews half-way through their stay.

While you can easily work it out yourself, there is now also an app that helps you find the best rates.

The Nightly app uses an algorithm to search through 75,000 hotels to find the best value combination of two hotels in a particular city or destination.

Nightly compares all the combinations of stays across multiple hotels in a chosen destination and finds the most cost effective way to split a hotel stay.

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For example, for a trip to Paris, they suggest staying at the five-star NJV Athens Plaza for nights one to three and then moving to the five star Royal Olympic (less than a mile from the Acropolis) for nights four to seven.

The stay would cost a total of £1,316, saving you £2,482 based on what you would have paid if you just stayed in one place.

Brits who want the most of out their holiday can also make sure they get the best room when booking a hotel.

Asking which rooms come recommended at the front desk, be it corner rooms or rooms on a higher floor, can make a huge difference.

A recent report found that hotel booking websites could be raising the cost of hotel rooms across the board because of the commission that they charge.

And through contracts that they’ve signed with hotel partners, you also won’t be able to find cheaper rates elsewhere.


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