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Susanna Reid admits fears of passing on coronavirus to her mother

Susanna Reid has revealed she is worried that she could have passed on coronavirus to her mother.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 49, has put herself in isolation after one of her sons developed a “persistent, dry cough”.

But in a column for the Daily Mail, Reid described how her most “agonising” concern is for her 79-year-old mother Sue.

“My biggest concern as we hunker down for our self-isolation over the next two weeks is Mum,” Reid wrote. “Have I already put her at risk of the infection? The thought is agonising. But my mother is as pragmatic as ever.”

Susannah Reid has been self-isolating due to coronavirus concerns (GMB)

Reid wrote that she feels privileged to be able to continue working, and praised the way modern technology allows her to feel connected to her mother.

“So now I’m at home I’m planning calls to Mum several times a day, not just on the phone but using FaceTime and Skype with the children,” she wrote. “As one of my boys joked: ‘Now we’re all in self-isolation, we might end up seeing Grandma more often than usual.’

“This Mothering Sunday we will be doing a FaceTime gathering to keep her spirits up. Instead of nagging the boys to get off their phones, I’ll make sure they text their grandparents regularly.”

She said she knows her mother will use her time productively. “I know Mum will use her time at home wisely, writing her memoirs, creating her beautiful photo albums and keeping in touch with the elderly lady she phones weekly as a Silver Line volunteer.”

Reid finished her column talking about the “sacred” tradition of Mother’s Day.

“On Sunday, I’ll send her a bouquet of flowers and a card that says ‘Mothering Sunday’ — my mum insists that’s what the day should really be called, since it’s based on a religious holiday when she used to go to church and get given a little bunch of daffodils to take home to her mother. 

“I am not religious, but I still feel there is a sacredness about Mothering Sunday, even when I’m just enjoying a lie-in and a cup of tea from my boys.”

Reid revealed earlier this week that she will be off GMB for two weeks as she self-isolates. 

“I am currently well but due to the new advice today I will be self-isolating for two weeks due to symptoms in my household,” she wrote on Twitter.


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