Supernatural Series Finale Review: Carry On

Sam is thrown back into the fray with this phone call, back to work. Austin, TX, a city that’s near and dear to our boys in real life as they’re both Texans. 

Sam living his life and growing old. He gets to live the picture perfect life with a child and wife. We don’t see him hunting beyond that Austin case, so maybe he hung up his salt shotgun in order to have the life he always wanted. Notably, the wife is never shown clearly. This reviewer can only surmise that Eileen didn’t make the cut when it came to resurrection time. That’s tragic. Almost as tragic as Sam’s old-age wig. Old Sam’s wig is… not the most convincing. But one can set that aside to relish in the fact that he got to be happy, and it’s his son who echoes his own words: “It’s okay, you can go now.” Bad wig and Eileen-snub aside, that was a tear jerker. 

Meanwhile… Dean made it to Heaven, and the first person he meets is Bobby Singer. Dean, expecting Heaven to play by the old rules, wonders which memory this could be. Bobby explains how Heaven is no longer a solitary experience where each person relives his greatest hits. Jack made things right — now Heaven is as it should be, with families able to be together again. This was something I’m glad the Supernatural writers fixed. I always thought the “heaven as good memories” thing was a bit of a letdown. And it was sad to see people like Ash and Ellen and Jo being separated in the afterlife. Now? Everyone can be truly, not falsely, happy. 

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Dean sits in his Heaven-version of Impala, an earlier version that still has the old Kansas plate. Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son,” the series’ unofficial-but-still-kinda-official theme song plays. 

Sweeping drone shots of the Impala lovingly detail Dean’s joyride in the Impala. These shots are juxtaposed against Sam going on living. It’s bittersweet, that’s for sure, but seeing Dean genuinely happy and Sam finally living a normal life? It’s still kind of beautiful, you know. 


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