Superman & Lois Season 2 Premiere: The Secrets of the Ending and What’s Next

It’s kind of our North Star. We said from the beginning, if you’re going to do Superman, how do you do it different. So that is reflected or we try to reflect it in all of our set pieces, too. In a world where there’s multiple superhero shows…they’ve been on for almost a decade or over a decade, like every night, it feels like [laughs], you have to find ways to reinvent yourself. Last season, I think what we got pretty confident in was putting Superman in places in the world that you haven’t seen him in before, and finding these little nuggets that exist in our world where it would be really cool if fighting somebody or saving something.

We have a couple of set pieces coming up later in the season, that are really just cool environments. And kudos to our VFX team. We have this saying, whenever we know that something’s going to be a huge challenge to pull off in the time that we have, we just say “hey, it’s Superman.” We joke about it but there’s some truth to that. It’s because it’s this show and it’s this character and it’s these type of stories we get to tell so everybody brings their A game and we just like to challenge ourselves and see if we can give a little movie on the small screen each week.

Next week, David Ramsey is directing. Last season, he directed what I personally think was the pivotal episode of the season. Can we expect something similar? Every time we see his name as director, is it going to be one of those episodes that changes how we perceive the show?

I mean, his episode is awesome, for sure. I will go on record saying every episode that he directs is going to be awesome. He’s an unbelievably talented guy. But it’s not the way that our schedules work. You know, half the time we book directors before the scripts are written. We knew last season because we are a little bit further out. Script wise, we knew that his skill set would be particularly awesome in episode seven. But sometimes you get scripts that that don’t line up exactly the way that they did for that episode. It was just firing on all cylinders with that one. But yeah, I agree, seven is one of my favorites.

Mitchell Anderson and the Supermen of America

Mitchell Anderson is obviously an important character this season. Is it coincidental that he shares a name with a character from the comics who also is connected to the Supermen of America and has a loose connection with Doomsday?

It’s not a coincidence. Sometimes we choose names from the comics and we have intentions of doing x, y, or z but then as the story progresses and tells us which way it’s going, sometimes our initial hopes don’t work out. But a lot of times they do. I will say that Anderson was chosen because of Supermen of America and his connection to that and you’ll see how that really plays out this season.


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