Suella Braverman LIVE: Lee Anderson launches defence of her as No10 reveals split with PM

Lee Anderson has come to Suella Braverman’s defence as she appeared to be on a collision course with Rishi Sunak.

Downing Street told journalists this morning that they had not cleared a controversial comment piece she wrote for the Times warning of Islamic mobs taking control of Britain’s streets.

It has led to speculation that the Prime Minister could sack her to reassert his authority with some suggesting that Ms Braverman has “become a loose cannon.”

But MPs on the right of the party including Mr Anderson, deputy chairman of the Tories, have rallied to her defence.

Mr Anderson said: “The Home Secretary is only saying what most people are thinking.

“She is allowed to comment on and criticise the Met police. Anyone who thinks her comments are outrageous need to get out more.”

The Common Sense Group founded by her mentor Sir John Hayes also appeared to be preparing to throw its weight behind her with the group’s deputy chairman Tom Hunt saying: “I agree with the Home Secretary.”

The support for her means Mr Sunak risks igniting another Tory civil war if he tries to remove her as Home Secretary.