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Yes, cheating in video games is already an issue that has attracted attention and how it should not be if the number of players who take advantage of illegitimate way is counted by millions. Year after year, companies try to improve their security systems to deal with this phenomenon, but it seems that it is like cutting off the head of the Hydra of Lerna. Fortunately, there is data that allows you to do an analysis and view the incident log and a study was recently revealed that accounted for the countries and video games with the most cheats.

The most popular games for cheating are Fortnite and Overwatch

The analysis firm Surfshark presented the results of a study on cheating in video games, which used data obtained through official media and analyzed the behavior of players in various streaming sessions. The resulting document, Hacking Wins, made public the seriousness of this phenomenon that continues to affect gaming and millions of gamers around the world. In that sense, the results of the study attract a lot of attention because it starts with the games with the highest presence of cheats and the number 1 is none other than Fortnite: Battle Royale, which has 26,822,000 views on YouTube on how to cheat.

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The second place went to Overwatch, with 9,279,829 views on YouTube regarding the various ways you can cheat. In the case of the Epic Games game, most of the questions are about the way in which an Aimbot can be used and taken advantage of, that is, the tool that allows the sight to be fixed on the target automatically. In the case of the Blizzard shooter, most of the queries are about the use of Wallhacks, a tool that provides the location of other players on the map.

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Cheapest games: SurfsharkCheapest games: Surfshark

Sweden and the United States are the countries most interested in cheating in gaming

However, in terms of the countries whose players seem most interested in cheating in video games, Sweden is in the first place with more than 2,500 searches on the subject per million inhabitants. It is followed by the United States and Australia, which were tied for second place, while the rest of the list is made up of European countries and in the case of Mexico and Latin America, we see that they are in the middle and lower middle of the indicator of searches on how to cheat.

The most cheating countries in video games: SurfsharkThe most cheating countries in video games: Surfshark

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