Student claims slimming company stole her pics to catfish people into buying diet pills

Megan before and after her weight loss (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Megan Lowe lost two and a half stone by eating a healthy diet and she used Instagram to document her journey.

But she was shocked when she realised someone else had been taking her pictures and using them to try to sell slimming pills.

The account had even blocked her so she wouldn’t find out.

The 20-year-old was furious when she realised her photos being used by ‘nutritionist’ Jessica Reed’s Instagram page reportedly without her permission.

The page claimed that her weight loss was down to the diet pills they sold.

Megan was only alerted to the use of her photo after a follower came across Jessica’s page – though she herself has been blocked by the page in an apparent bid to hide it from her.

Jessica’s page features before and after weight loss photos of different women, some of which featured comments claiming they were fake – before the comments were disabled.

English Literature student Megan, who lives in Birmingham, claims it is ‘absolutely horrifying’ that a business would use someone else’s images to tout diet pills and is warning others to be vigilant of pills promising a quick fix.

The pictures posted by Jessica Reed on Instagram, originally from Megan’s account (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Megan, who lives in Birmingham, said: ‘The thought of someone using my picture without my permission and continuing to use it to promote diet pills angered me.

‘The more I sat and thought about it the more concerned I became as I realised vulnerable people desperate to lose weight could come across this account and believe the things they see, not knowing she disgustingly stole my picture to promote something I did not use.

‘Diet pills are disgustingly damaging for both women and men wanting a quick fix to lose weight, all for the seller to gain followers and money.

‘I achieved my transformation through Slimming World, eating wholesome healthy food. Not through the use of unhealthy pills, which people have no idea what must go into them.

‘I feel my weight loss journey has been massively exploited by this page.

‘I had worked so, so hard for over a year to lose two and a half stone and I post my transformations to help inspire others that eating good and healthy food without having to go hungry will help you achieve the results you truly want.

Megan’s original post (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

‘They have disregarded my personal achievements all for the sake of money in their back pocket, no intention to help people whatsoever.’

Back in February 2018, Megan was 12st 4lbs and a size 12 and she decided she wanted to lose some more weight.

She joined Slimming World and lost over two stone. Now a size 8, Megan says that it’s not just losing weight but she now has a better relationship with food.

Megan said: ‘I now cook lots more from scratch and actually enjoy it, I have a better relationship with food and enjoy my treats knowing I can look forward to eating food again without any guilt.

‘Now I’ve lost weight I’ve grown so much in confidence, I feel like I can wear anything without thinking about if I look ‘fat’ of if I’d feel comfortable in it.’

To help her stay on track, Megan started an Instagram account, posting regular updates of her progress and pictures of her healthy meals.

Megan said: ‘I think it’s so, so important to lose weight healthily and not through these diet pills people sell.

‘It’s so important for people to realise losing weight isn’t healthy through a quick fix, it takes determination and a change in lifestyle, but it can 100% be done.

Megan lost weight through Slimming World (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

‘There’s no secret trick or hidden talent, it’s pure determination to succeed and far better than any pill sold on these disgusting Instagram accounts which do not care for the welfare of that person, only the sum of money they’ll be receiving.

‘Losing weight safely is by far the best decision anyone should make, it’s hard if people are in a vulnerable position and lacking confidence but the consequences of taking those pills are unimaginable long term, far better to eat good and feel good in yourself.’

Megan posted the images in question in April but they were used by Jessica Reed on October 16.

The post read: ‘Another amazing transformation using my weight loss discovery! Read the article in my bio if you want to lose 25 lbs in a month!’

When Megan found out, she talked about it online and she has received lots of support.

Megan said: ‘The followers on my Instagram are so lovely and supportive, hundreds have reported the account and messaged her to take it down, all obviously without a reply.

‘I’m just glad I’ve managed to get this across through social media that this happens so freely and it’s so damaging to vulnerable people who may come across that Instagram and contribute to her wage whilst damaging their own health for the sake of a quick fix.

‘The fact she has had to use other people’s pictures to promote this proves it’s a lie in itself.

‘Do your research on any Instagram page selling these products like these because followers and transformation pictures clearly mean nothing.

‘These pills are not the way to lose weight and it certainly is not how I managed to lose weight. Never trust pages like these.’

And Megan had a stern message to Jessica Reed regarding the use of her images.

Megan said: ‘Take the page down with immediate effect and stop preying on vulnerable people for the sake of a few pounds.

‘Stop profiting on what is a serious issue damaging thousands of people.’

The Jessica Reed Instagram page has been contacted for comment and we will update this article if they respond.

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