StreamElements Appoints Former Twitch PR Director as Head of Communications

  • Chase, former PR director of Twitch, has joined live stream engagement provider StreamElements as head of communications.
  • StreamElements creates overlays, chatbots, contests and other engagement tools for streamers on Twitch and YouTube.
  • In his new role, Chase hopes to accelerate the young company’s growth.

The former Twitch Database-Link-e1521645463907 PR Director, known only as Chase, has joined live stream platform StreamElements as its new head of communications. He left Twitch in February to pursue another career in gaming public relations.

StreamElements provides services to personalities that stream on Twitch and YouTube, such as custom overlays, contests, chatbots, and monetization options. The service has been used by a multitude of streamers, including Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, who will play in Twitch’s Apex Legends Challenge on Tuesday.

As Head of Communications, Chase will be responsible for all the brand’s global communication and help to “refine the brand’s narrative.”

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“Since StreamElements has a strong working relationship with Twitch I had been following them since they launched,” Chase told The Esports Observer. “I was impressed with their commitment to enabling content creators to make a living doing what they love which is what first attracted me to the brand. As I learned more about the company and saw how closely it was aligned with my interests, I wanted to get in on the ground floor. I learned a lot from Twitch and look forward to applying that knowledge to accelerating StreamElements’ growth.”

That growth is already well underway. StreamElements increased its user base in 2018 by over 600%. Donations to streamers grew to $15M USD with $1M delivered through brand partnerships, the company said in a release. Based on the company’s current growth trajectory, StreamElements expects creator revenue to exceed $40M in 2019.

Chase worked with Twitch from the beginning and for the first six years, was the company’s sole PR representative. Now, he wants to take that accrued knowledge and apply it to a burgeoning streamer market.

“As more esports pros, and content creators in general, start using StreamElements, one of the most appealing aspects is that it is ideal for maximizing revenue, which means more career sustainability,” added Chase. “The broader esports ecosystem, like the brands, talent agencies, publishers, and teams, can also tap into StreamElements’ suite of offerings.”

Chase will report directly to StreamElements CEO Doron Nir.


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