Stray dog found caring for abandoned kittens by roadside

A stray dog has been discovered by the side of a road keeping a litter of abandoned kittens warm. 

The caring pooch was found guarding the five baby cats by the side of a road in Ontario, Canada, last week.

It is not known whether the kittens were dumped by their owner or abandoned by a feral mother cat.

Pet and Wildlife Rescue shared the heartwarming story in a bid to find a forever home for the protective pup, which has since been named Serenity.

According to the staff, a “good citizen” called the animal shelter to alert them of the situation, prompting an animal control officer to collect the animals who have been “living [their] best lives since!”

The story was picked up by media and adoption requests for Serenity have been flooding in.

In a post shared by the shelter, the heroic pooch is described as approximately two years old with “the energy of a toddler” and good with cats.

Despite her protective nature, Serenity can be quite jumpy and needs help with house training and “to be taught some manners”.

While the shelter staff have said that they would like to rehome Serenity and the kittens together, they are unable to do so as this would involve a wait of several months for the dog.

The shelter’s goal is to get animals out of the shelter environment and into their forever home as soon as possible.

The kittens are currently being cared for in “a warm foster home”. Once they are old enough, they will also be rehomed. 

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Responses to the touching story have been flooding in from around the globe, with social media users commenting on Serenity’s caring behaviour.

“Sweet girl!”, wrote Amanda. “Animals are so much better than humans”. 

This makes me cry both happy and sad tears,” wrote Amanda. “Thank you for all that you do.”

Black cats often taken longer to be adopted because of their association with witches. 

More recent reports have claimed that they’re not as photogenic for social media posts. 

The popularity of these five kittens suggests that they won’t be without a forever home for long, however.

Interested parties can find out more at Pet and Wildlife Rescue.


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