Stormzy takes over London in slick video for comeback track Vossi Bop

2019 is already set to be a huge year for Stormzy, and we’ve finally been blessed with new music from the all-powerful MC.

The follow-up to 2017’s Gang Signs & Prayer is expected to be released later this year, with many people expecting an album drop around the time of his big headline slot at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

After promising fans this week that new music would finally arrive today (26 April), Stormzy has now released the fiery Vossi Bop – named after a viral dance made famous by the person behind the long-suspended Twitter account @NL_Vossi.

The track sees Stormzy firing off lines about Idris Elba being Bond and chilling in Dubai, while also reserving no praise whatsoever for the government or one Boris Johnson.

The accompanying video for Vossi Bop is a stunning, slick affair: filmed in central London, Stormzy takes centre stage on a deserted Westminster Bridge, recalling that 28 Days Later scene and giving it a grime twist.

Stormzy’s well and truly back (Picture: Scott Garfitt/REX/Shutterstock)

‘I met Vossi on the internet,’ Stormzy told Beats 1’s Julie Adenuga about the origin of the track. ‘He went to get Supermalt, he was on his way back, and he was just dancing to this song.

‘But it was just so infectious, and such a genuine joyous moment that for whatever reason, I went studio a couple weeks later, and I made this song called Vossi Bop.’

Revealing that he made the song in 2016, Stormzy said that the vibe of the track has stayed with him: ‘It just felt very from God, and very natural. Like yeah, this is my vibe right now.

‘I think it just embodies everything that I’m about. The confidence, the humour, the style, the flair, the anarchy, the chaos, just the vibe.

‘All of these things, I was like, “This is me embodied.”‘

When can we expect the follow-up to Gang Signs & Prayer, though? (Picture: Getty Images)

Speaking to Capital Breakfast this morning, Stormzy said that he’d used the time since Gang Signs and Prayer to develop and ‘really be the best version of myself musically in every aspect’.

‘The best way to describe my album is that I don’t want no filler songs but I’m going to go an even further step and say I don’t want a filler lyric,’ he declared.

‘I don’t want me to be saying anything that’s wasted, anything that’s just there because it rhymes.

‘Literally every single thing is with purpose and with conviction and with expertise.’

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