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Storm Keating responds she’s accused of ‘promoting negative body image’: ‘That’s absurd and rude’

Storm Keating, who is married to singer Ronan Keating, called out ‘offensive’ comments about her body (Picture: Instagram)

Storm Keating has called out ‘offensive’ and ‘judgmental’ comments about her body after she shared a picture of herself wearing a bikini while hanging out with her son.

The fashion designer recalled being called hurtful names like ‘Skeletor’ and ‘toothpick’ when she was a child and how ‘insecure’ she felt about her body because she ‘didn’t feel “womanly”‘.

She posted the message in response to a comment she had on social media accusing her of ‘promoting a negative body image’.

Storm, who is married to singer Ronan Keating, said: ‘Last week I posted a photo of myself with my son on the beach. I was taken aback when my post was met by a few judgemental comments about my body size.

‘At first I wasn’t all that bothered because I know how these things go, but when the post kept getting traction & then the press started writing about it too, I’ve decided it would be constructive to address it. Not just for me, but for all women who are in a similar position to myself in one way or another.

‘Firstly I am not a stranger to people judging my body size, I have been thin my entire life like many other members of my extended family. As a kid I adopted unflattering nicknames like Skelator, Toothpick & Twiggy & was made to feel like a boy for not having curves & boobs.

‘I was insecure about my body for many years & didn’t feel feminine or ‘womanly’ because there is a strong message perpetuated that this is what it takes to look like a “real women”. As I got older I started enjoying the upside of having “skinny genes” and today feel grateful that I can eat what I want, when I want, and without having to worry about dieting or regular exercise routines.’

The mum-of-two, who recently underwent emergency spinal surgery, added that is ‘still a downside’ as people ‘assume that all woman with slight frames don’t eat’.

She went on: ‘This is simply not true and aside from being frustrating, this is also where it becomes offensive. One comment on my previous post claimed that the photo of my son & I on the beach was promoting negative body image, which basically implies that I shouldn’t post photos of myself and my children at the beach because of the way I look when wearing a swimsuit. That is absurd & rude.’

Storm stressed that people are ‘larger or skinnier than the “norm”‘ are still healthy and wanted to continue to spread positivity.

The blogger continued: ‘There is nothing unhealthy about me or my diet & I’d like to think that I promote a positive social media presence that focuses on wholesome values, family, kindness & love.’

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