‘Stop complaining, you get more than NHS workers’ folk rage as single mum moans benefits aren’t enough for Lidl haul

A MUM has been slammed after complaining she couldn’t afford her food shop despite having a massive payout from Universal Credit.

The single mum-of-two from the UK took to social media moaning about her weekly food shop from Lidl.

A mum has been slammed after revealing her Universal credit payout isn't enough for her weekly shop


A mum has been slammed after revealing her Universal credit payout isn’t enough for her weekly shopCredit: Alamy
People slammed her claiming they worked at the NHS and didn't earn as much as the mum


People slammed her claiming they worked at the NHS and didn’t earn as much as the mumCredit: tiktok

She revealed she couldn’t see how she was being supported by the government as a single mum as she was still struggling to afford the cost of living.

In the clip, she took viewers around Lidl to do her shop revealing it cost her a massive £159 a week to fed herself and her two children.

The trolley was filled with massive bags of pasta, crisps, biscuits, ice creams, ready meals and essentials like cereal and milk.

But it wasn’t the content of her trolley or the price of her shopping that left people stunned.

The mum revealed the massive payout she was getting every month from the government and it left people gobsmacked.

She wrote: “How am I supposed to manage on £2,123 Universal Credit a month when even a Lidl shop is now costing me £159 a week!

“When is the next Cost of Living payment?”

“Really struggling, where’s the support?” she captioned the post.

The mum’s universal benefits came up to £25.476 a year on average while the median salary in the UK was £34,963 in 2023.

After tax and national insurance is accounted for, that leaves many Brits with £27,571 a year, but of course if you are receiving benefits, you pay neither.

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Many were furious by the pay out with some NHS workers claiming they got less money than what the mum was getting.

The clip posted to her TikTok account has gone viral with over 780k views and 3,000 likes.

Plenty of people took to the comments shocked by just how much the mum was getting and weren’t happy their full-time jobs weren’t offering the same amount of money.

One person wrote: “Is this a wind up? It must be. I work full time and only get £1300 pm.”

How much do NHS staff earn?

NHS statistics reveal the average wage of employees from December 2023

Foundation Doctor Year 1 – £29,707.03

Foundation Doctor Year 2 – £34,605.44

Nurses & health visitors – £38,289.5

Midwives – – £40,209.54

Support to doctors, nurses & midwives – £24,224.47

Another commented: “I work full time for the NHS and take home £1,600… I can only dream about earning that much.”

“That’s more than I get working full time,” penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “You take home more than most of us working!”

“I have three jobs. One of which is full time in a school and combined I don’t earn that much,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: “I don’t make anywhere near that much as a teacher, honestly it’s madness.”

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