Stick-on beauty is the latest trend taking social media by storm (and it couldn't be easier to master)

For many among us, stick on face gems are evocative of 90s beauty, with the iconic teardrop rhinestone look reigning supreme, closely followed the faux nose stud. Now, it seems beauty stickers are making a comeback for 2021, although endlessly more sophisticated.

From metallic strips in the shape of a feline-flick that not only eliminate any tedious eyeliner application but also creates an impactful beauty look, to the fun and fresh floral stickers that brighten up the skin while secretly treating the blemishes hidden underneath, to the nail decals that elevate an at-home manicure with fuss-free and always perfect nail art designs in an instant, it’s not exactly hard to understand why beauty stickers are trending on social media.

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Instagram makeup pro Rowi Singh has taken to using stick-on pearls, gems and studs in her recent makeup looks. Known for her bold, bright and artistic makeup creations, her followers can’t get enough of the new adornments, with one commenting, “Ethereal. Decadent. Opulant. Wow.” and another saying, “The shape of these pearls I lovee”.

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It’s not just makeup artists who are jumping on the trend. Nail technicians are also making the most of stickers, using them to amp up nails with fun and uplifting designs. Instagram influencer Melanie, otherwise known as Over Glow Edit, used nail decals in the shape of fried eggs to jazz up an an otherwise minimal, sparkly pink manicure.

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For the uninitiated, it couldn’t be easier to experiment with beauty stickers thanks to an array of makeup, skincare and nail brands offering a range of designs to suit all tastes. Vegan skincare and makeup brand Squish Beauty is known for their blemish stickers, which come in an uplifting floral design to not only boost the mood but also deliver calming and clarifying benefits to the skin underneath. Then there’s makeup brand FaceLace, which is known for its intricate and on-trend makeup stickers including a full metallic eyeliner look.

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