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Stevie Nicks compares Harry Styles’ Fine Line to Fleetwood Mac album and says he’s inspired her to write new music

Stevie Nicks has compared Harry Styles‘ latest album to one of the great Fleetwood Mac records and said it has inspired her to write new music.

The singer, 71, shared a typed-out message with fans as she self-isolates with her goddaughters, assistant and dogs amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Nicks wrote that she has been trying to think of “creative things to do” in isolation and said Styles’ Fine Line has inspired her to write new songs and poetry.

“Dear Everyone. I know you are doing everything you can to help the situation we are all in. I am staying in with my Goddaughters and my assistant Karen~ and all our dogs~ Lily, Luna and Mana~trying to think of creative things to do,” she said in the message to fans that she shared on Twitter on Monday evening.

“I am getting all my paintings and drawings out~ listening to music (mostly Harry Styles’ ‘Fine Line’) and being inspired by him to write some new songs and poetry.”

Nicks is known for being a songwriter and vocalist with rock band Fleetwood Mac – as well as for her chart-topping solo career.

She paid Styles – a vocal fan and close friend who last year inducted her into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – the ultimate compliment.

And she compared Styles’ latest album Fine Line to Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 classic Rumours, frequently listed as among the greatest of all-time and best-selling.

Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks (Getty Images For The Rock and Ro)

Nicks said: “Way to go H.~ it is your Rumours…” She concluded the message with advice for fans amid the pandemic.

“Just Dance. This Will Pass. Love will find a way. It always does,” Nicks said. She also added: “I’ll be in touch.”

The writing on the message was surrounded by handwritten squiggles, including love hearts and Nicks’s name.

Fine Line was released in December to critical acclaim and contained the hit singles Lights Up, Watermelon Sugar and Adore You.

Styles, 26, appeared on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show earlier this month and revealed he invited Nicks and her friends to his house to listen to Fine Line before its release.

“They’re so used to living nocturnally – you know, they wake up really late and then they kind of live through the night ’cause they’re, you know, witches,” Styles told host Howard Stern.

“So it’s getting to like 3am playing the album, I’m like, ‘I’m kinda tired’ and they’re, like, right in their prime. They’re really like, ‘Oh this is like daytime for us’.”

Styles marked Fine Line’s December 13 release with a special performance at The Forum in Los Angeles, where he introduced Nicks to the stage for a surprise duet of Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide.


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