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Steph McGovern takes break from show after ‘previous life’ revelation 'Never told anyone'

Former BBC Breakfast star Steph McGovern, 38, and her podcast co-stars Clare and Geoff discussed listeners’ tales from the workplace and job interviews in their latest episode of Not Bad For A Monday. After reading out a surprising admission from a fan, Steph went on to tell her co-stars that she had a weird “connection” with the Titanic.

Reading out a story from a listener, Steph said the person in question had informed potential bosses that she didn’t know anything about the job, but based her application on her “connection” with the building.

“She felt she had a connection with the building, so that’s why she applied,” the presenter clarified to her puzzled co-stars.

The jaw-dropping story prompted Geoff to ask his co-stars whether they believed they had a “psychic connection” with anything.

Steph took the opportunity to tell her co-stars and fans that she believes she was on the sinking Titanic ship in 1912, which prompted her co-stars to laugh.

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“Maybe the pyramid reminds me of the iceberg tip,” Steph divulged.

“I think you need to speak to someone, “ Clare jokingly replied.

The ex BBC Breakfast star went on to say she was “encouraged” to treat the podcast like “therapy” as she added: “Now, I need a bit of a break from it.

“I’m actually going to call it a day on the podcasts for a bit, is that alright?


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