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Steph McGovern: Packed Lunch host admits 'it was hard to get by' during 'tough' separation

Steph McGovern, 38, has shared that it was tough spending her daughter’s first year away from her parents due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Steph’s Packed Lunch host also admitted that she also felt concerned about when current social distancing restrictions may come to an end.

Steph opened up on her biggest challenge of 2020, she said: “Not seeing my friends and family. I just really miss them. 

“And my daughter’s grandparents not getting to see her for so long in a year where she has changed so much, that was the tough thing. 

“There’s only so much FaceTime you can do with a one-year-old.”

The star confessed that she often likes to plan ahead, and it has been tough to adapt to the current Tier 4 guidelines in place throughout the country.

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She continued: “Simon love, you’re prime time…… I don’t think weekend programmes count in the definition of ‘daytime’ do they?

“I was talking about weekday programmes during the day. Anyway, thanks for your best wishes,” Steph clarified.

Simon, however, wished Steph the best as he insisted that he “loves” her show and was only joking with his comments.

He added: “Love you. I wasn’t being rude or ignorant. Love your show and the fact you think we’re prime time xx.”

Steph apologised for the misunderstanding, as she admitted that her phrasing could have been better.

The 38-year-old responded: “Ah I know you weren’t. Turns out it’s my ignorance for not realising weekend progs were in the same category. 

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“Soz. I should have phrased it as ‘live daytime TV show not presented by two exceptionally talented and handsome men.’”

Thankfully, Simon accepted her apology as he commended Steph for her “tremendous” description of his programme.


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