Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic remake is ‘real’ and James Gunn is very keen

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic – James Gunn is a fan (pic: LucasArts)

One of the industry’s most trustworthy rumourmongers claims that a Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic remake is still in development.

A few years ago, in this very galaxy, fans were baying for EA’s blood, convinced they’d squandered the Star Wars licence on the two Battlefront games and were desperate for it to be handed to someone else.

Those complaints have lessened considerably following the release of Fallen Order and Squadrons but many still can’t understand how EA has never engineered a remake or sequel to Knights Of The Old Republic, considering they own original developer BioWare.

Rumours have suggested that plans are underway though and now respected Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier has repeated his claim that, ‘There is something. Yes, it’s real’.

Schreier was speaking on the MinnMax Show and was asked specifically about the remake rumours, even though his previous comments on the matter were in the context of a brand new game.

Fans probably won’t mind which it is, but Schreier didn’t seem to react to the question being phrased purely in terms of a remake, or the suggestion that EA is not overseeing the game.

BioWare’s lack of involvement has been rumoured before, but that makes much more sense now that LucasArts has announced that other publishers, including Ubisoft and Bethesda are working on Lucasfilm properties.

Previously, Schreier’s comments that the developer of the Knights Of The Old Republic project would be impossible to guess was assumed to be a reference to a new, currently unknown, studio but now it could mean simply that it’s someone unconnected to EA.

Whatever’s going on, the implication is that the project has been underway for some time. If it is a remake then it would certainly have to be from the ground up, as the original is 18 years old now and very much showing its age – so a simple remaster would not be enough.

Interestingly, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn caught wind of Schreier’s comments and opined that not only was Knights Of The Old Republic the best Star Wars game ever but it was even better than the movies and shows.

For anyone else, that would just be an idle comment on Twitter but given Gunn’s contacts at Marvel, including Kevin Feige – who is known to be interested in producing a new Star Wars film, it’s not impossible he could try to involve himself in either a new game or film adaptation.

For now though, most fans would be happy merely to have confirmation that anything new is happening with the Knights Of The Republic, who’s historical period has been largely untouched since the 2004 sequel.

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