Star Wars fans baffled by 'AK-47' inclusion in Andor trailer ‘How did that get past?’

Diego Luna will be reprising his role as Cassian Andor from Rogue One in Disney+’s upcoming Star Wars streaming series, Andor. While fans are eagerly awaiting to see the beginning of the Rebel Alliance, some viewers couldn’t help getting distracted by a bizarre addition in the show’s first trailer.

Fans are convinced they’ve spotted an AK-47 rifle in the latest teaser trailer for Andor.

The sneak peek at the Rogue One prequel series has been met with excitement from viewers thanks to some stellar visuals and returning favourites.

Despite being one of the most visually stunning entries into the Star Wars canon yet, the trailer has also had some criticism thanks to the strange inclusion.

In the trailer’s opening, a male resistance fighter steps forward holding a weapon that eagle-eyed viewers are convinced is an AK-47.

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As the weapon was originally used by the Soviet Union shortly after World War II, it clearly has no place in the hands of a soldier who lived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Many fans couldn’t help spotting the glaring error and rushed to Twitter to complain.

@midnightbakerNZ said: “#Andor looks pretty good. But why is there an AK-47 not altered to fit #StarWars universe?

“How did that get past prop master or [creator] Tony Gilroy? No sights or scopes, no neon? Disappointed.”

“#Andor Is this dude carrying an AK-47?!” @YeohKengJee fumed. “Come on props man, you ain’t even trying!!

“Rest of the trailer looks promising. Skarsgård is the frikkin’ master. There may be hope, if just a little.” (sic)

However, Samir Patel argued: “Nobody tell the Star Wars fans upset about the gun in Andor being an AK-47 with minimal modifications about a lot of the other iconic weapons in the series. They will be real upset if they found out…”

Previous Star Wars entries have often used items from the real world disguised as sci-fi tools and weapons, such as The Phantom Menace’s infamous Gillette razors disguised as communicators.

However, the inclusion of such an instantly recognisable real-world weapon could prove distracting enough to turn certain fans away from the new prequel series.

Aside from this divisive blunder, Andor’s first trailer has been warmly received by most die-hard fans of the space opera franchise.

The additions of Stellan Skarsgård and Killing Eve’s Fiona Shaw to the Star Wars canon have certainly proved enticing, and viewers were also thrilled to see the return of Forest Whitaker as legendary rebel Saw Gerrera.

Andor premieres Wednesday, September 21 on Disney+.


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