Star Wars 9: Rise of Skywalker ending shock – The clues were there in EVERY previous film

Everybody who howled about The Last Jedi was completely wrong on one point. They said it completely tore up the entire legacy of the previous movies. There are certainly many valid arguments for why so many people are still so angry about Star Wars 8, but it ist still actually followed one very central Star wars rule. Perhaps, even despite Rian Johnson’s best efforts…

The Rise of Skywalker must somehow reunite and bring balance to the Force.

Even more tricky, it must bring balance to the utterly divided fan base.

Perhaps everyone will be happier when they realise every single Star Wars film, including the divisive Prequel Trilogy and Episode 8, ended in exactly the same way.

With all the signs (plus the leaks and reports) pointing towards a final showdown with Palpatine facing the combined might of Rey, Luke, Kylo Ren and possibly even Anakin, an extraordinary new explanation shows exactly how it will happen.

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A very clever clogs on Reddit used a simple and seemingly infallible analysis of the way every single Star Wars movie ended.

Admittedly it was done with baseball metaphors, but the irrefutable strength of the argument remains.

Each and every main franchise Star Wars movie, as well as Rogue One, uses the same set up for the final conflict. It always determines who will win each round.

This time of course, we’re into the very final round but assuming the final battle takes place where we think it will, the theory holds true.

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In the Prequel Trilogy, the first film The Phantom Menace is a little bit compromised. Although it appears to end with a victory for the home team on home turf after the heroes defeat the Trade Federation attack on Naboo, it actually leads to the victory for Palpatine who has used the whole situation to engineer a cop of the Senate. 

Attack of the Clones sees a victory for the Jedi forces on the Trade Federation stronghold Geonosis. In Revenge of the Sith the primary battle boils down to Obi-Wan against Anakin/Vader. It’s a slight stretch but Obi Wan still comes into Vader’s space and triumphs.

In The Empire Strikes Back, Vader defeats Luke on opposition ground after it is revealed Cloud City and Lando are unofficially helping the Resistance.

As for the Last Jedi… Rey (with Kylo Ren) defeats Snoke on his home territory. Kylo then defeats the Resistance fleet and then goes into their bolt hole on Crait and overpowers them, before Luke comes from even further ‘away’ and ‘defeats’ Kylo.

What does all this mean for The Rise of Skywalker?

All signs point to some final confrontation taking place in Palpatine’s stronghold, with early leaks already describing a ‘throne room.’

It follows, then, that yet again the outsiders will triumph.

Rey and whoever is helping her will triumph against the former Emperor on his own territory.



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