Stacey Solomon reveals she vomited over Joe Swash's flat's walls on their first date

Stacey Solomon has revealed all about her first date with hunky Joe Swash – and it involves vomit and a lot of red wine.

In her typical candid fashion, Loose Woman Stacey has shared all about her first date with her telly presenter boyfriend.

Now pregnant with the pair’s first child Stacey said she wasn’t even interested in starting a relationship with Joe when they first met.

Writing in her book, Happily Imperfect, which is being serialised by The Sun, she says: “I thought Joe was really attractive and kind-hearted but I wasn’t interested in having a relationship.”

The pair are expecting their first baby together

Speaking about their first date, Stacey explained she was so nervous her pals advised her to have some wine to loosen up,

“I thought, ‘Please just get drunk with me and we can forget this awkward moment ever happened’. But Joe isn’t a big drinker. So I was just sitting there drinking this wine, trying to get through the evening. And then the wine ran out.

“I was so drunk I thought it was a good idea to go out and get some more. When we got back to his flat for some bizarre reason I thought it would be hilarious to race him up the stairs to his apartment.

“When I got to the top, not only did I feel sick but I also realised how unfit I was. He opened the door and I just went, ‘hurrrrrrrr,’ and vomited all this red wine all over his white walls.”

The pair on Loose Women

Stacey and Joe announced they were expecting their first child together last week on Instagram, with Joe writing in a gushing post: “Have been driving myself mad thinking that she’s bored senseless of me and can’t stand to be awake for longer than 10 minutes of my company…

“So you can imagine my delight to find out that she still loves me and my company very much she’s just been growing a baby.

“I can’t begin to describe how happy we are to be able to share this wonderful news.

“We’ve been so blessed with 3 incredible children that we’ve had the privilege of raising and we are forever grateful to have the chance to become parents to another wonderful child. It’s all very overwhelming and emotional and we couldn’t be happier right now.”

Stacey wrote on Instagram : “Every time I go to write anything I sob so… what he said.”


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