Square Jaw: Boon or Ban

Square Jaw: Boon or Ban

What is a Square Jaw?

A square jaw refers to the lower part of the jaw, where the jaw bone forms a sharp line protruding outside. This gives a very different shape to the face. Sometimes an excess of square jaw leads the face to look. However, few people are obsessed with a square jaw and few people want to get rid of it.

To get a perfect jawline, square jaw reduction surgeries are done. And for this surgery, one of the best hospitals is ICloudHospital.

Why is Square Jaw Reduction Surgery Important?

There are many reasons for the importance of square jaw reduction surgery:

Let’s have look at it:

  • It increases inner confidence and makes you look more attractive.
  • It reduces the extra masculine part of the face.
  • A square face is quite unattractive and leads to over development of muscles, which is quite harmful
  • Square jaw reduction surgery makes the shape of the jaw more defined.
  • Lifts the muscles of the face.
  • Reduces the extra muscle present on the face.
  • Gives a perfect V-shaped structure to the face.
  • Gives a sexy and feminine look.

The specialists of detect the correct form of surgery and make sure that the surgery process is quite seamless. Icloud hospitals have a good package of pre and post-surgery treatments. 

However, certain females are very strong and bold with their square jaws. They feel it’s quite comfortable, sexy and attractive for them. There are even a few celebrities who have this kind of jaw and they look damn classy! So, it completely depends on the structure of the face including the shape of lips, eyes, nose, ears, and chin. Everything is interconnected with the shape of the jaw.

Reconstruction of the jaw is something that completely changes the outer face and beauty of a person.

How is the Jaw surgery done at ICloud Hospital?

iCloud hospitals’ specials follow a very unique method for the process of jaw surgery. They follow a corrective process of jaw surgery. This process includes adjustment and movement of jaw bones to align into a perfect shape. Corrective jaw procedure helps in improving the correct texture of muscles.

The procedure starts with the internal healing of the inside mouth. The principle behind this is it prevents the possibility of scars on the facial line. Since surgery involves cutting and other related things, careful observation is done before performing the actual surgery. The whole process is carried out under anaesthesia, as it involves painful things. The complete process of jaw surgery is quite long and the recovery also takes a bit of time.

Thinking of Jaw surgery? Book an Appointment at ICloud Hospital!

Are you tense about your square jaw? Are you planning to do jaw surgery but are confused about the consequences? Then don’t worry, ICloud hospital is always a call away! You can book an appointment with one of our specialists, who can consult and guide you regarding the complete procedure of jaw surgery. Our specialists are trained and are well experienced with the techniques.

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