Spider-Man Star Tom Holland in Early Talks for Venom 2?

Tom Holland is reportedly in early talks for a role in Venom 2. The Spider-Man: Far From Home star is expected to jump into Eddie Brock’s world at some point, but not many were thinking it would be this soon. Over the summer, Sony and Marvel failed to come to an agreement over sharing Peter Parker and the rights went back to Sony. After a huge backlash from Marvel Cinematic Universe fans and a drunken call between Holland and Disney boss Bob Iger, a deal was struck and all was right within the universe again.

According to regular scooper Daniel Richtman, who has a decent track record in the world of Marvel, Tom Holland is in the early stages of negotiations with Sony to appear in Venom 2. The sequel is currently in production, so if this ends up being true, it will more than likely feature Holland in a cameo role to set up a possible third installment with more Peter Parker. It’s important to note that there were rumors about Holland joining up with Tom Hardy from the start and he never appeared in Venom.

Giving this particular rumor some more weight is the fact that Marvel Studios and Sony just reached a new agreement. While the MCU gets to have Peter Parker back, it appears that Sony may have the upper hand in the deal, which is why Tom Holland might really appear in Venom 2 this time around. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige reportedly did not want Holland to cross pollinate with the world of Venom.

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Andy Serkis is behind the camera for Venom 2, which is believed to have a darker tone this time around. Tom Hardy helped to make some tweaks to the script and the ultimate goal is to reportedly go for an R-rating. After the success of Joker, a lot more stories are going to attempt to try some grittier material, now that the rating doesn’t seem to be a barrier any longer. Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix surprised themselves and the world when their project crossed the $1 billion mark at the global box office.

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As for Tom Holland, he is more than likely close to wrapping on Cherry with the Russo Brothers. If the deal with Sony proves to be factual, the young actor will more than likely shoot his Venom 2 role early next year. Again, this is just a rumor for the time being, but it seems like now would be the right time for Sony to strike while the iron is hot for both characters. With Deadpool 3 happening at Marvel Studios and Tom Holland preparing for a darker role in Venom 2, the Marvel landscape could look a lot different in the coming years. Daniel Richtman’s Patreon was the first to report on the Tom Holland and Venom 2 news.

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