Spice Girls' epic throwback as Geri Horner and Victoria Beckham are all smiles

Back in October, Geri Horner dropped a hint that Victoria Beckham was her least favourite of all the Spice Girls.

But this epic throwback from the group’s heyday showed how much love there was between the two as they jet-setted around the world.

The Spice Girls’ official Instagram account gave fans a reminded of what things used to be like as they posed for a picture on the tarmac under what appears to be their private plane.

Posh even managed to crack a smile as they got up close on the runway in their shades.

But there isn’t to be a reunion this summer as Victoria won’t appear on stage with her former band-mates as five become four for their sold out gigs across the UK.

Geri and Posh loved to perform together – but won’t be this summer

The picture had fans reminiscing on Thursday

The 2019 UK tour is getting ever closer

Geri was prodded on Sky One’s A League of Their Own last year to reveal who she liked the least – Victoria, Mel B, Mel C or Emma Bunton.

Ginger listed all the girls’ qualities, saying: “Emma is like my little sister… I would say Mel B is amazing… And then you’ve got Mel C, who’s got a fantastic work ethic.

“And then Victoria, she’s like…. They’ve all got those qualities.”

Host James Corden then caused trouble, saying: “Well, thanks for ranking them one, two, three and four!”

The Spice Girls were all back together – but they won’t be in June and July

Geri knows all her band mates’ qualities

Geri recently spoke about Victoria’s absence from the up-coming tour, saying: “There was never a point it was all five of us.

“Mel thought she could make it happen if she just kept on saying it. She’s clever, you’ve got to hand it to her.”

She told the Sun : “I still won’t quite believe it’s going to happen until we actually get on stage, because of how long we’ve been trying to get there.

“I know it is a bit boring for people – the number of times it was on and then off. I’m sorry about that.”

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