Spain travel advice: Is it safe to travel to Spain?

With the coronavirus death toll creeping up in Spain, you might be rethinking your holiday to the country. After 1000 tourists were stuck in quarantine for two weeks in a Tenerife hotel at the end of February, so trips to the island and the rest of Spain might seem more risk. Read on to find out what to do if you have booked a trip to Spain but no longer want to go.

Where in Spain is infected with coronavirus?

Coronavirus has spread to every region of Spain, but don’t worry there are very few cases in most places.

For example, there are only five cases in Galicia, and three in Navarre.

The virus seems to be concentrated in the center of the country- with Madrid facing a staggering 202 known cases.

The only areas in Spain without a single case of coronavirus are the north African territories of Ceuta and Melilla.

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Can I cancel my holiday to Spain?

If you’re hoping to get a refund on your flights, you’re out of luck.

All flights to Spain are still operating from all major aiports in Britain.

The only way you would get a refund is if the FCO update their advice to warn against visiting Spain.

If you have paid in advance for your hotel and it is an independent hotel, you will lose your money if you don’t turn up.

For large chains, you might be able to change your location or even delay your trip.


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