SpaceX secret mission REVEALED: Israel’s 1st spaceship to the moon has a SURPRISING cargo

Dubbed the ‘lunar library’ the metal disk reportedly contains 30 million pages of information that will ensure the “survival of our species”. The DVD-sized disk is onboard the Beresheet spacecraft which is travelling to the moon on a privately funded Israeli mission. The library reportedly contains a collection of songs, children’s drawings and writing about Israeli culture and history. It also has an English version of Wikipedia with a guide to 5,000 languages and 1.5 billion sample translations.

Co-founder of Arch Mission Foundation, Nova Spivack backed the mission and claimed it was aimed to help save humanity from its own “past mistakes”.

He said: “One of the primary evolutionary challenges that we face is amnesia about our past mistakes, and the lack of active countermeasures to repeating them.

“For the survival of our species, we need to find ways to raise our awareness of what worked and didn’t work, and we need to ensure it is shared with the people of the future.”

The archive which was facilitated by Elon Musk, is estimated to last at least six billion years.

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Director in Physics at Arizona State University, Paul Davies said the archive also held a symbolic purpose.

He said: “It encourages people to reflect on humankind’s place in the universe.”

He also said if mankind can leave artefacts on the moon then it is possible that alien civilisations may have done the same.

Mr Davies added: “If we can leave records on the moon for a huge duration, maybe E.T. will have done the same.”

The Beresheet craft successfully managed to position itself for landing on the moon this week, despite a previous computer glitch.

The spacecraft is believed to be the size of a washing machine and will orbit the Earth until it enters the moon’s gravitational pull.

The spacecraft is expected to land on the moon on April 11 in the Sea of Tranquility basin.


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