Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams reveal exactly what it would take for them to spill the GOT ending

The end is nigh for Game of Thrones but as we eagerly await the premiere of season 8, GLAMOUR’s Spring/ Summer cover stars, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, are here to fill that void with some (questionably) sound life advice.

Taking a break from their GLAMOUR cover shoot, the Stark sisters sat down with our Josh Smith to answer a series of problems inspired by Game of Thrones. Have you ever wondered what you should do if you start dating a boy and realise, he has a little finger? Or, how you could break down Sophie and Maisie down to find out the ending of Game of Thrones? Well, get your WKD Blue bottles ready and prepare for life-changing advice as Mabel, aka Maisie, and Susanne, AKA Sophie, get their Agony Aunt ON…

Make sure you watch the full video above… will you be taking Sophie and Maisie’s advice? We would love to hear from you!

My friend is in a hit HBO show and I am desperate to find out the ending. How can I break her down and get her to spill all the secrets?

Sophie: WKD – that’ll do it.

Maisie: Smirnoff Ice!

Sophie: Strawpeedo some Smirnoff Ice and she’ll tell you everything!

One of my pals has become a backstabber. She is spilling the poison and trying to tip the power in her favour. How can I break her down?

Sophie: You show your strength when you have that power and then you gain power by doing that.

Maisie: No! Cut her… OUT of your life!

My boyfriend has become a White Walker AKA he’s ghosted me – how do I win him back or should I even bother?

Maisie: No – don’t bother! Boy, Bye!

Sophie: If he’s a white walker, he’s just cold and you are hot, honey!

I am grafting to get myself a husband and a man – how do I woo a prince on a first date? Is Nando’s too casual?

Maisie: Far too casual. Definitely get BEEB!

Sophie: I would save that for the third, personally! But that’s Mabel and she’s feeling loose!

I am going to a Red Wedding and I want to slay the competition with my dance moves?

Maisie: Forwards worm into backwards worm and then the robot. Done!

I want to go full Dothraki on my body. What is the ultimate workout regime you would recommend?

Sophie: You have to really do a lot of weight lifting.

Maisie: You have to lift a lot of heavy things. Sofas- flip them! More than a can of baked beans but work up from that. So maybe two cans and a bag of flour, to start.

Sophie: Lot of tyres – flip them, too!

Winter is coming and my wardrobe is a touch tragic. How can I liven up my look?

Sophie: Maybe just use some colour because in Winter, a lot of people like to wear a lot of dark, sad colours like black and grey. I think it’s very important to spruce it up with a pop of colour!

I have just started seeing someone who has a Little Finger – if you know what I mean…

Maisie: It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it!

Sophie: That’s very true. As Maisie knows in the show, she has a very thin sword called Needle, but damn is she good with it.

Maisie: I will poke holes in you if you aren’t quick enough!

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are the cover stars of GLAMOUR’s Spring/Summer 2019 issue which is on sale now


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