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Social Medias Newest Influencer CXLDSTXR

Social Medias Newest Influencer CXLDSTXR

Meet Joseph Alexander Hernandez better known by “CxldStxr” is a rising star amongst social media influencer, not only that, but he himself considers to be the nexts big musician of Mexican descent, hailing from the San Fernando Valley.  CxldStxr is 17 year old teen from the Sylmar, CA just 20 minutes north of Downtown Los Angeles. Although not the biggest influencer he is making a quick buzz for himself off of the social media application Instagram.    

CxldStxr started his career just only under a year ago, really motivated to become financially successful do to the poverty stricken situation he was raised in with his family.  CxldStxr struggles with poverty growing up, also having to deal with the divorce of his parents when he was only 3 years of age.  He grew up moving from home to home all over Los Angeles County.  When CxldStxr was the age of 8 his mother was arrested by ICE for her immigration status having to prove that she was legally in this country.  It was during that time Hernandez moved with his father in Inglewood, CA a city just 10 minutes south from Downtown Los Angeles, a city know for its gang and street violence.  While living in Inglewood his mother finally beat her immigration case with the court of Van Nuys, it was then when CxldStxr moved back to the Valley with his mother relocating to the city of Van Nuys. 

While living in Van Nuys, his mother was unable to find a stable home for CxldStxr and his four siblings, until finally finding a motel that was renting for an affordable price, it was very small room with just two beds.  This was then when CxldStxr decided this was enough and started to think to himself that he deserves a better life for him and his family.  About a year living there his mother saved up enough for a down payment on a small house in the Sylmar area of the San Fernando Valley.  During that time CxldStxr started slowly building his character and image as something he knew he wanted to do, to help his family out of any financial struggle.

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In just under a few years into developing who he wanted to be, Hernandez decided he wanted to do music, but with no background or any knowledge of music at all, the nexts best thing he could do was start posting on Instagram.  As he started posting on Instagram he started to develop his character and has since been dubbed as one of todays up and coming social media influencers. Gaining over 17,000 supporters on the social media application Instagram, that is were his main prominence is.  CxldStxr has slowly started catching the recognition of many corporate brands and sponsorships.  He has since partnered with local apparel brand Rose Love Co. and got a new Management team, his personal manager George Morales is one that helps him with many of his career decisions.  Morales is one of the many faces behind Steven Fernandez also known as “Baby Scumbag” or “Lil Cloud” a professional skateboarder and YouTuber that was popular in the mid 2000’s.

CxldStxr is not giving up anytime soon, after all the downs he has been through in his short life it seems that things are finally looking up for the young teen.  He is definitely something special among his peers, something different than any other young star.  We hope to see this young man make his way to the top of the social media charts and really make a name for himself, we believe he will definitely be one of the nexts big names in the list of online celebrities. For more info about CxldStxr check him out on social media and give him a follow.

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