'Slow down the process of hair loss' 3 lifestyle changes to help 'prevent' balding

Although baldness is something that can not be reversed, according to Dr Earim Chaudry, medical director of men’s health platform Manual, certain lifestyle changes may help to “slow down the process” depending on the root cause of hair loss.

Lifestyle changes that may help “prevent” rapid hair loss

Change your diet

Dr Chaudry previously told “Like your body, your hair depends on the intake of nutrients to maintain its health.

“As your hair is made of protein, making sure you have enough protein in your diet is the first step to preventing your hair from becoming thin and brittle.

“In fact, it has been proven that a lack of protein in your diet can restrict hair growth and – more alarmingly – contribute to hair loss.”

As a result, there are some common foods that are detrimental to your hair, as well as your overall health, if eaten in abundance.

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