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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost revive Shaun of the Dead roles to share coronavirus message

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have revived their Shaun of the Dead roles to urge people to stay safe at home during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The comedy duo, who have worked together on several TV shows and films, reunited for a homemade clip to share some lighthearted advice on how to manage the outbreak.

It comes after Boris Johnson announced new Government measures on social distancing and self-isolation as the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise in the UK. 

Reprising their roles as Shaun (Pegg) and Ed (Frost) for a video posted on Twitter, the two crack a raft of jokes with references to the 2004 satirical apocalypse film.

The movie, directed by Edgar Wright, is a parody of horror movie Dawn of the Dead and follows salesman Shaun, whose life has little direction.

His ordinary life takes a sudden turn, however, when he has to single-handedly deal with an outbreak of zombies. 

In the video, posted on Thursday with the caption “a public service announcement”, Frost asks Pegg over the phone to ask what the plan is to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Pegg tells Frost that if Phillip (his disliked stepfather) has been infected to “follow the NHS guidelines to the letter.”

He also tells Frost to avoid going to his girlfriend Lizzie’s house to which Frost replies: “What if I’m horny?”

The duo also refer to The Winchester pub, where they battled the zombie invasion in the film.

“Don’t go to the Winchester,” Pegg says. “Especially if it’s closed…if you can, stay at home, have a cup of tea and wait for this to all to blow over.”

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