Siesta Key Star Alex Kompothecras' Girlfriend Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Alex Kompothecras, Alyssa Salerno, Instagram


Siesta Key star Alex Kompothecras is officially a dad. 

Alex’s mom, Beth Bronson-Kompothecras, confirmed that his girlfriend, Alyssa Salerno, gave birth to a baby girl.

“Our hearts are full of love as Gary and I welcome our first grandchild,” she gushed in an Instagram announcement posted Thursday, June 12. “She is beautiful…there are no words. Congratulations Alyssa and Alex you are going to be amazing parents! We love you all so much.” 

Back in December, the reality TV personality confirmed he and Alyssa were expecting their first child together, but the news was met with a bombshell claim from Alex’s ex-girlfriend and Siesta Key co-star, Juliette Porter

“Weird how he cheated on her with me several months ago but ok,” Juliette wrote on Instagram at the time. 

Alex, 25, never publicly addressed Juliette’s allegations, though in a teaser for the upcoming Siesta Key season, which premieres next Tuesday, fans see Juliette break the news to Alyssa that she and Alex hooked up during a trip to Nashville. 

“He thinks that he can do anything he wants and get away with it but she deserves to know,” Juliette says, before telling Alyssa over the phone, “I f–ked your boyfriend in Nashville.” 

E! News recently caught up with Juliette about her decision to address the matter with Alyssa directly. 

“I wanted Alex to tell her,” she shared. “I gave him ample opportunities. It had been a good amount of time since Nashville happened and I had texted him here and there like, ‘Hey, I really don’t feel comfortable with this. I just want to move on and I don’t feel like I can fully move on until she knows.’ He was manipulating me and I got pushed to the edge.”

Juliette, who has a new man in her life following a split from The Bachelor‘s Robby Hayes, has yet to address the birth of Alex and Alyssa’s newborn. 

See all the drama play out when Siesta Key returns Tuesday, 16 at 8 p.m. on MTV.

—Reporting by Mike Vulpo


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