Siesta Key Poll: Who’s A Better Fit For Madisson — Brandon Or Jared?

Madisson is officially back on the market, and Brandon and Jared are ready to make their move and win her back. But which of her Siesta Key exes is a better fit — or should she move on from both of them entirely?

First, there’s Brandon. Much like Madisson, he’s newly single after splitting with Camilla. His reason for the breakup? He doesn’t have time for a relationship due to a demanding tour schedule. But that isn’t stopping him from pursuing his former girlfriend and even admitting to his mom that he “still has feelings” for her.

“I’m not sure exactly where she stands, especially after what I’ve done to her,” Brandon said, noting that cheating on Madisson was his “biggest mistake.” (You might recall BG’s rather inappropriate sleepover with a groupie while he was still with Mad. In his defense, he did apologize profusely.) There are clearly no hard feelings on Madisson’s end, as she’s been quick to support her ex on tour.

Brandon didn’t hesitate to state the obvious to Madisson: “We are both in the same boat, honestly. You’re single now; I’m single. We need to go maybe be single together. You’re a smart, beautiful girl, and any guy would be lucky to have you. You won’t be single for long.” (Foreshadowing, much?)

Then there’s Jared. At the end of this installment, the veteran made a trip to Mad’s house with a surprise bouquet of flowers. But when he spotted Brandon leaving — with a hug, no less — he promptly trashed the blooms and sped away.

More context about Madisson’s high school sweetheart: Jared hasn’t exactly been shy about expressing his feelings for Mad, dubbing her the “one-that-got-away chick.” She’s already turned him down once for a relationship with Ben, but perhaps the second time’s a charm?

The only kicker is that Jared previously had his sights set on Madisson’s best friend Kelsey, who was (and still is) in the midst of a long-distance relationship — a minor fact that certainly didn’t stop him from kissing her on the beach.

In what is likely to be the biggest battle of Madisson’s exes since that insane birthday brawl, cast your vote for who you think should have her heart. Then find out who has a better shot next Tuesday at 9/8c.


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