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Should video games have content warnings? – The Michigan Daily

Would you date a sword? Would you date it if it was not just a sword (or dagger or any other handheld weapon), but a weapon that can transform between a metallic murder stick and a rather handsome human being? That’s the central concept behind Kitfox Games’ newest release “Boyfriend Dungeon,” a self-described “shack-n-slash” where you date your weapons to gain a deeper connection with them before slicing your way through enemies in dungeons together.

The game oozes charm, wholeheartedly leaning into its admittedly outlandish idea to provide three-dimensional characters and an addicting gameplay loop that makes you want to keep returning for just one more date/attempt. Made by a small team chock-full of queer developers, the game attempts to allow the player to romance (or not romance) any of the blabes (blade + babe? I’ll see myself out) that they choose. 

Having only spent a few hours with it, I can attest that the cutesy nature of the game belies a deep and long-overdue examination of modern adult relationships. Here is where things take a turn toward the divisive.


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