Shoppers run for cover as swarm of bees takes over high street

The insects were attracted to the store by a hanging basket of flowers outside the entrance (Picture: SWNS)

High-street shoppers fled in terror earlier today as a swarm of bees buzzed around the entrance to a local Primark

The insects are thought to have been attracted by hanging baskets containing flowers outside the shop in Canterbury, Kent

Security staff were seen keeping customers away from the store. 

Meanwhile, beekeepers worked swiftly to capture the queen and her worker bees, thereby calming the swarm.

Bosses at the local Primark had previously boasted about the new flowers. 

The swam was calmed after beekeepers captured the queen and her workers (Picture: SWNS)

A social media post from May 23 read: ‘After months of growing, and hours of hard work, our displays have finally arrived and are ready to bloom all summer long.’

With what would subsequently prove a touch of irony, the post added: ‘To make it even sweeter, we’ve included special plants to attract our buzzing friends — the bees!’

The local outlet is understood to have made a statement yesterday saying: ‘We had to temporarily close our Canterbury store while local bee control and conservation safely moved a swarm of bees who showed up outside the store.

Shoppers may already have been on edge amid warnings over an increase in the number of Asian hornets being sighted across the UK during the warmer months each year (Picture: SWNS)

‘We reopened in the late afternoon for business as usual as soon as it was safe for our customers and colleagues.

‘We’re sorry to anyone who couldn’t visit the store as a result.’

As the summer months set in, many residents across the UK may already be finding themselves set on edge by buzzing insects amid reports of a growing influx of potentially deadly Asian hornets. 

Such is the extent of concern over the invasive species that the government has even launched an ‘Asian Hornet Watch’ app, available for both iPhone and Android, allowing people to document sightings.

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