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Sheridan Smith husband: Is Sheridan Smith married? Who is Jamie Horn?

Sheridan Smith returns to our screens for her new documentary Sheridan Smith: Becoming Mum tonight, where she opens up on her pregnancy with her son Billy. The film will also see the actress talk about her past mental health struggles as she feared they would resurface.

Who is Sheridan Smith married to?

Sheridan is not currently married, but she is engaged to boyfriend Jamie Horn.

The couple got engaged back in 2018 after meeting on dating app Tinder.

At the time of their engagement, a source told The Sun: “Sheridan is head over heels in love.

Sheridan Smith baby name: What did Sheridan name her son?

Sheridan has previously had to deny rumours suggesting the pair we married after she was spotted wearing a wedding band.

During a separate appearance on This Morning, Sheridan said: “I do wear two bands on my hand, mainly because this one is too big and I just keep it on.”

Sheridan spoke of while they are seen to wear rings while out together it does not signify their marriage.

She continued: “Jamie does wear his wedding ring, but we’re not actually married. We just do it.

“My friends do that, but no one actually talks about it. So we didn’t think about it when we took a picture and put it on Twitter, then, of course, everyone thought we were married.”

Marriage rumours also circulated after Sheridan called Jamie her hubby on social media.

But Sheridan was quick to dismiss them in a post to her Twitter.

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She wrote: “Every time I call him my hubby people presume we are married, it’s just a nickname and I’ll let you know when we decide to get married.”

Sheridan Smith: Becoming Mum will air tonight on ITV at 9pm.


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