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Shaun Murphy branded 'massive baby' by Piers Morgan over amateur player rant after loss

Piers Morgan has weighed in with his thoughts on snooker player Shaun Murphy’s comments about the game. This comes after Shaun shared how he feels professional tournaments should not allow amateur players.

This comes after he lost in the first round at the UK Championship to an amateur player.

Outspoken broadcaster Piers reacted to Shaun saying “It is not fair, it is not right” on Twitter earlier today.

In view of his 7.9 million followers on the platform, Piers retweeted the news.

Alongside this, he penned: “What a massive baby.”

The snooker player then added: “It is wrong, in my opinion, to walk into somebody who is not playing with the same pressures and concerns I am.

“He played like a man who does not have a care in the world, because he does not have a care in the world. It is not fair, it is not right.

“I am not picking on him as a young man, he deserved his victory.

“Amateurs should not be allowed in professional tournaments, the end.

“This is our livelihood. This is how I put food on the table. This is how I earn money.

“Since turning professional at 15, I have earned the right to call myself a professional snooker player.

“He hasn’t done that. He shouldn’t be on the table.”

Many of Piers’ followers also reacted to Shaun’s comments, with opinion split.

User @Johns3boys wrote: “That’s like saying unfit sportsmen can’t play against fit sportsmen..”


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