Sex toy, poker and jive dancing seminars offered to civil servants working from home

CIVIL servants working from home are being offered “feel-good seminars” on jive dancing, poker and sex toys.

Hundreds of staff at the Department for Work and Pensions have been invited to motivational workshops while paid by the taxpayer.

Civil servants working from home are being offered 'feel-good seminars'


Civil servants working from home are being offered ‘feel-good seminars’

With 73 per cent of DWP employees still working from home, they can access the sessions remotely.

They can take a 45-minute course titled The History Of Sex Toys, which is described as a “titillating time-warp through Ancient Greece via the Victorians, female emancipation, the HIV/AIDS crisis, up to modern day.”

Other sessions for up to 500 workers at two DWP Jobcentres in Bournemouth include make-up for men, poker, jive and salsa dancing, Korean 101 and home brewing.

Staff were told to take “as many sessions as you like” as long as it did not affect appointments.

Boris backs Jacob Rees-Mogg's push to get civil servants back in the office
Civil servants 'could be SACKED for refusing to return to office'

The courses fly in the face of the PM’s plea for staff to get back to the office.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, minister for government efficiency, said: “Hard-pressed taxpayers shouldn’t be having to pay for this time wasting.”

Tory MP Nigel Mills added: “It is inappropriate content for a work environment.”

After The Sun got in touch, the DWP said the sessions were “not approved by management” and would be axed.


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