Senior MPs on Taliban: What have you done for the last four months, Dominic Raab?

Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Commons foreign affairs committee, turned the spotlight on Mr Raab ahead of him appearing before the MPs to face a grilling over Britain’s preparedness and response to the crisis.

He stressed that the Taliban had “defeated” the Soviet Union and now the Americans and so no longer feared threats from abroad as they previously did.

“So we need to build up alliances in the region and make sure we actually have relationships,” he told ITV’S Good Morning Britain.

“I’m very impressed with the German foreign minister who spent the last few weeks going to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and Tajikistan and building up those relationships or Charles Michel, the president of the European Commission, who since April has been communicating with the neighbours of Afghanistan, getting ready for any potential evacuation.

“I’m looking forward to hearing from our own Foreign Secretary what he has done in the last four months.”

Asked what faith he has in the Foreign Secretary to get “traction” to help hundreds of Britons still stuck in Afghanistan and to get foreign aid in, Mr Tugendhat added: “That’s one of the reasons we have got the hearing this afternoon.

“Sadly, the Foreign Secretary has only granted us an hour which I don’t think is particularly long, given the scale of the crisis.

“But this is exactly what we need to understand.”

Taliban spokesman appears on GMB

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Tobias Ellwood, Conservative chairman of the Commons defence committee, also piled pressure on Mr Raab.

“There are some big questions about the quality of our statecraft,” he told Talk Radio.

“The weakness of our special relationship to actually persuade the Americans to think somewhat differently….and the quality of our back channels and the strategic insight that we have to provide solutions, which is something usually we are pretty proud of.”


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