Sega president Kenji Matsubara has resigned

Sega president Kenji Matsubara has resigned his position as president and chief publishing officer at Sega (via

According to the official notice of resignation released by Sega Sammy Holdings, Matsubara cites ‘personal reasons’ for his departure.

“The number of directors at SEGA GROUP CORPORATION meet the required numbers by law and the articles of incorporation, even after the aforementioned director resigns” reads the notice. “He will resign the director of other group companies that also served as concurrent posts on the same date.”

Matsubara joined the company in 2014, as CTO for Sega Networks company, and then worked his way up to president in 2017, before adding ‘chief publishing officer’ to his title back in April.

Before Sega, Matsubara was president and CEO and Tecmo Koei for nine years, and spent two years at Zynga.


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