See Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw Brush Off Criticism in ‘Mean Tweets – NFL Edition’

Even big strong football players have feelings, as evidenced by the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s “Mean Tweets.” In this special Super Bowl edition of the segment, everyone from Tom Brady to Corey Clement to Clay Matthews comes face to face with online scrutiny.

The clip kicks off with Brady, who reads a tweet that says, “Hi I’m Tom Brady and I’m a cry baby and I have a butthole in my chin!” The player doesn’t respond beyond looking mildly upset and pointing to his chin in confusion. It gets worse for Travis Kelce, whose tweet notes, “This dude Travis Kelce looks like the Notre Dame leprechaun.” As the segment carries on, Brady is forced to read multiple tweets, eventually admitting that he does sometimes cry.

Bradshaw takes things in stride as he reads his tweet, which notes, “Bradshaw, you ass kissing wuss. Your brain fell out with your hair chicken shit!” “Why don’t you bite my angry rebel dick?” he replies without pause.

The 2020 Super Bowl takes place this weekend in Tampa, featuring the San Francisco 49ers playing the Kansas City Chiefs. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are set to perform at the halftime show.


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