See the hilarious finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

The finalists for this year’s Comedy Wildlife Awards are finally here (Picture: Wei Ping Peng/Arthur Telle Thiemann/Luis Burgue / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)

The goofiest animal antics from around the world of water-skating flamingos, photo-bombing giraffes and smiling fish will definitely bring a smile to your face.

The competition was launched five years ago to create a platform for photography that is ‘light hearted, upbeat, possibly unpretentious and mainly about wildlife doing funny things’.

The competition works alongside wildlife charity Born Free Foundation to raise awareness around conservation.

Simply by entering, the organisers competition organisers hope it will encourage people to think about preserving nature and wildlife.

Here are the finalists below.

A kingfisher near Kirkcudbright (Picture: Sally Lloyd-Jones Bodmin/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020)

I was hoping a Kingfisher would land on the “No Fishing” sign but I was over the moon when it landed for several seconds with a fish. It then flew off with its catch. It appeared to be mocking the person who erected the sign!

An azure damselfly in Devon (Picture: Tim Hearn/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)

As this Azure damselfly slowly woke up, he became aware of my presence. I was lined up to take a profile picture of his wings and body, but quite sensibly the damsel reacted to the human with the camera by putting the Marsh grass stem between me and it. I took the shot anyway. It was only later that I realised how characterful it was. And how much the damselfly looks like one of the muppets.

A smiling fish floats underwater in El Hierro, Canary Islands (Picture: Arthur Telle Thiemann/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)
A turtle swimming in clear blue waters floats just above the sea-bed (Picture: Mark Fitzpatrick/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)
Hippo mother has her baby nibbling her ear in Masai Mara, Kenya (Picture: Manoj Shah/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)
One giraffe photo-bombs another (Picture: Brigitte Alcalay Marcon/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)
A bear cub looks mortified as it sits the lap of another bear (Picture: Yarin Klein/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)
A group of monkeys in India sit grim-faced on some motorbikes (Picture: Yevhen Samuchenke/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)

My friends and I walked in the centre of the small town of Hampi in India. There was bicycle parking nearby. Suddenly a flock of langurs jumped on these bicycles and began to frolic. We were afraid to frighten them away, I started taking pictures from afar, but then we came very close to them and the langurs continued to play with bicycles.

Tough negotiations (Picture: Ayala Fishaimer/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)
An Atlantic puffin holds a beak full of fish (Picture: Krisztina Scheeff/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020)

Atlantic puffins are amazing flyers and their fishing talents are, well, as you see, some do better than others! I just love the second puffin’s look: can I just have one please?

A south sea elephant in Patagonia, Argentina (Picture: Luis Burgue/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020)
A monkey in Japan soaks in the heat from a natural hot spring (Picture: Wei Ping Peng/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020)

The winners will be announced on October 22.

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