See Sheryl Crow Cover Linda Ronstadt Songs at Documentary’s Tribeca Premiere

Following the premiere of the documentary Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice at the Tribeca Film Festival Friday night, singer Sheryl Crow took to the stage to pay tribute to the legendary singer. “Only an idiot would come on stage to perform Linda Ronstadt songs,” Crow told the crowd.

The singer then proceeded to sing a soulful rendition of “You’re No Good,” which Ronstadt put on her 1974 album Heart Like a Wheel. The Clint Ballard, Jr.-penned song was originally performed by Dee Dee Warwick in 1963.

Crow also played Ronstadt’s uptempo hit “When Will I Be Loved,” Ronstadt’s country-rock version of the 1960 Everly Brothers classic.

The Sound of My Voice is a 95-minute documentary chronicling how Ronstadt landed a record deal from her performance at Los Angeles venue The Troubadour in 1964 and landed genre-spanning hits in folk, rock, pop and country. At the beginning of the documentary, Dolly Parton praises the singer: “She could sing literally anything.” The film also features testimonies from Don Henley and Jackson Browne about the impact of Ronstadt’s career and the power of her vocals. 

In February, Ronstadt, who retired in 2009, released her first-ever live album Live In Hollywood. While the music was recorded in 1980, it never occurred to her to release a live album.

However, Ronstadt does remember filming the performance. “It was too hot for humans. It was probably 110 degrees on stage. I grew up in the desert, so I know heat. We were suffering from that. We had to keep stopping to cool off. And there was a great audience. The audience didn’t have as much heat, because they didn’t have the lights on them. But they were pretty warm, too. But they were very good-natured. You know, you make the best of it,” the singer told Rolling Stone in an interview earlier this year.


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